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We fundraise to care for the animals, please join us

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So many Australian Wildlife are rehabilitated and released each year through our shelter- could you help us?


COOPERS has forged strong relationships with businesses including veterinarians and sponsors that fund the care of a particular animal. This support is invaluable. Of course, there are other ways in which you can help COOPERS through donation.


What does it take to run the shelter?


At Coopers Animal Refuge it costs on average of $1,850 per week to operate the refuge.  The refuge is supported by two (volunteer) positions working  80 hours/week to feed, clean, care and rescue wildlife following calls from the community. Christine also works part time 3 days a week to support running the shelter. Numerous volunteers providing an extra 60 hours/week of support. However, the need is ongoing with new babies constantly entering the refuge, and support always sought.

With a focus on baby kangaroos and wombats costs include;

  • purchasing milk formula for young kangaroos and wombats and grain, straw, fruit and veggies to keep them health and happy 

  • Infrastructure needs including fencing and sheds

  • Veterinary charges for sick and injured wildlife

  • Transport costs such as fuel and vehicle maintenance to pick up injured wildlife

  • Cleaning costs to wash kangaroo pouches, blankets, towels, washing powder and detergents

Please contact Coopers if you would like to support, for example:

  • Donate goods?  Very welcome! if you have any​

    • wildlife rescue pouches,

    • towels, blankets, sheets,

    • first aid kits, medical supplies, bottles & teats, there are some great ideas online here.

    • animal milk formula (Womberoo),

    • feed: hay, rollled oats, vegetables (love sweet potato),

    etc you can donate!   

  • Photographer? If you are a photographer your help is appreciated to take images to use for the annual calendar and website images

  • Good at Sewing? Kangaroo pouches are constantly needed to support new arrivals

  • Have time to volunteer? Cleaning pens, preparing food, feeding animals, driving to pick up animals from vets and mending fences are part of what is needed to support the refuge

  • If you are time poor funds are always appreciated.                             Direct deposits of $5 a week make an enormous difference to us. The cost of a cup of coffee.                                                                                               - The account name: Commonwealth Bank, Coopers Animal Refuge BSB: 063023 Account no.: 10304505.                                                                          - Cheques can be posted to PO Box 527, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia 3437


Please note Coopers is a not for profit organisation. At this time Coopers does not have charitable status and donations are not tax deductible.