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Turning Interest Into Action

Christine: In 2013 three Kangaroos started it all. Christine was living in a suburb within Melton, Victoria when she came to be a carer of three small orphaned joey's, and it was in this moment that Christine was able to see what her future held for her. 


Since then Christine has developed her passion of rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing Australian Native Wildlife into a fantastic safe haven for these animals through the creation of COOPERS Animal Refuge, a registered not-for-profit ABN 70 369 583 430.


Cooper was the first of the three Kangaroo's rescued and rehabilitated by Christine. Unfortunately though Cooper never made it to the release stage of his journey. 

Although Cooper was not able to be released back into the Australian wild his legacy lives on in the shelter and with a very special place in Christine's heart. 


As the shelter has grown in size so has the need for more land size, this has seen Christine and Coopers Animal Refuge move location twice in two years. In September 2018 Christine found a permanent shelter location in the Macedon Ranges. Christine shares the property, called Rooks Edge (BnB), with Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud.


Current residents include wombats, kangaroos and possums that will be released into the wild, we link with Libby's Koala rescue and also support rescue pigs (Edgars Mission and Life of Pikelet, with superstar Pillow Pig) and rescued miniature goats.


Debbie: Since the inception of COOPERS Debbie has supported the running of the refuge on a full-time basis. Debbies passion for all animals knows no bounds as she attends rescues and has a particular interest in possums, especially sugar gliders.   


Linking with the bigger picture


This refuge is registered with state authorities (DELWP) and aligns with Wildlife Victoria, Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network and other local shelters. Rather than duplicate, COOPERS seeks to strengthen existing state programs of training, support and volunteering and co-ordinate with other passionate and professional wildlife shelters.  


Supporting people & youth


COOPERS is passionate about supporting youth as the torch bearers for our animals and environment. We link with the Kangan Institute where animal studies students visit weekly as part of their course to develop skills and help at the refuge. We collaborate with and encourage youth leaders such as Libby's Koala & Wildlife Crusade and Issac Wildlife Warrior as mentors within their generation.