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​Coopers Animal Refuge welcomes you


Coopers Animal Refuge is a rescue and rehabilitation shelter supporting native animals in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia.


At Coopers Animal Refuge, the wellbeing of our native Australian wildlife is at the forefront of our mission. Our dedicated group of volunteers work tirelessly through the day and nights to provide a safe and caring environment for the rehabilitation of these amazing native animals.

Linked to Wildlife Victoria, if you have a rescue emergency please call them on 1300 094 535. 

Wombat information


​Collaboration, communication and caring for each other and the animals is what it is all about.

If you see any wombats with missing hair, please contact COOPERS, or visit Mange Management in Victoria. 

Introduction to wildlife care from Issac


Issac, aged 10, is passionate about his animals and here​ he provides a short presentation about shelters and what we can do so support our wild animals if they are hurt.  

In the news

Herald Sun. 5/10/2018  by Andrea Hamblin


SHE’S nippy, but Jane the baby wombat is still by far the cutest specimen in custody.

The joey was found clinging to life in the pouch of her mum, killed by a car at Mt Macedon on Monday night.

Passers-by moving the dead bare-nosed wombat to the side of the road noticed movement in the pouch.

Leading senior constables Tim Murphy and Rebecca Ayson were called and delicately removed the joey who, deprived of her mother’s milk, would not otherwise have survived. They kept her warm inside a police beanie folded to replicate the pouch.

Cooper’s Animal Refuge in Bullengarook will give Jane a home for up to two years as she builds up her strength.

The bare-nosed wombat has a reputation as one of the feistiest of wombat species, and Jane lived up to that reputation by chomping on one of her rescuer’s hands.

“I got a bit of a start when she growled and bit me,” Sen-Constable Murphy said.

“But she’s a gorgeous little thing.”

Inside information from Coopers: Senior Constable Aysons middle name was Jane, which is how this little wombat was named!

Channel 7 news. 2018

With Issac, age 10, seeking to change government decisions

Rescuers respond to a car accident and find a little hand reaching out for help. 2017 

With Wildlife Victoria.  2016 
Coopers links with Wildlife Victoria and RACV to support roadshow events.


Star Weekly. 2016 

Seeking a new home. 

Linking with local colleges 2016.

Linking with local colleges enriches all lives